Wednesday, April 27, 2011

who the f**k do you think you are?

well, im quite sure YOU StaLK into my blog dont you? i've checked the stats..well 24 page views from egypt!  well.. you know who you are. this song is totally for you ! SMACK ! HAHA!
im sorry if i hurt you, but it is always you who wanted to let go of me ? let me go then. i'll survive.easy.
i remember well when you say "BACK OFF ! *&^!@&#^!eq&!@8471" you cursed a asked me to never talk to you again remember?
so here i am. free from you. i do fell kinda sad. so sad in fact. but i feel stronger and stronger each time i think about it.
daaa.. i dont want to talk bout this anymore.
i still love you. i do. but i just feel used and i hate it being kicked around by you.

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