Thursday, April 28, 2011


hari ni nak complain about skype.
and tv jugak.
i learnt ( in a hard way ) that all programs apply some kind of...discrimination towards all the the viewers !
as you can see in Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres show, as you all know they use skype like, all the time. the lying part if when their skype run smoothly without any bloody interruption like stucked video or abrupt disconnection and  other stuff like that. it's DISCRIMINATION !
you know it's like, you are chatting and talking cheerily with your best friend and suddenly the video froze and after that all you know is you're actually talking to yourself all the time. it's a bad feeling. well, i feel a bit embarrassed with myself.

i know it's all depends on your internet connection all that stuff but what the hell are you thinking?! im not living in some deep shit hole or something. my internet line is pretty smooth. you may say im a denier but the truth is, i feel like saman-ing oprah right now. i mean, im a big fan of her, for sure, and ellen too, but it's not fair ! still not fair! i don't care whatever the reason is.  (im not a denier)

pee ass: to oprah, in case you or your people read this which im pretty sure it won't happen,  but im still hoping its gonna happen (im a hopeless hope-er), please dont get mad. huha. im still your kipas susah mati and i love it when you use your skype.(sengal punye ayat). and i love it more when you can do a lots of charity just by using skype.
world nowadays is unbelievably awesome where people can make charity and make other people happy by just poking your face into skype. (super -rich -famous people only i bet)


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