Saturday, April 30, 2011

presenting.. : the WANGI little babu

it's saturday ! yeay!
well it's time to get wet with my sweeeet<3 , BABU
hari ni babu mandi ! memang die x leh dok diam. dok mengiaw je. x taw lah babu ni takut air ke atau suke sangat mandi sampai non-stop mengiaw. kalau nak kate babu ni takut air, die ni kucing bukan kambing. so maybe die suke sangat air kot.

babu jadi over excited and lompat sane sini so sebab tulah terpakse letak die dalam sangkar. sian babu saye...
babu ade shampoo feveret die seniri. ape ntah jename nye. yang penting bukan pantene or rejoice sbb bulu babu x macam dpt rawatan spa pon. rebonding ye lah kot.
time mandikan babu ni, i realize sumting bout him. babu x gemok pon ! kurus keding je macam cicak kobeng ade lah. bulu je lebih. bile basah kuyup layu je. so lepas ni aku berazam nak bagi die makan baaaanyaakk gile. biar sampai boroi. org kate boroi tu tande bahagie. (:

bile habis mandi kene keringkan babu care manual i.e: gune towel.
babu takut gile ngn hair dryer. pernah first time kitorg try gune hair dryer die lari lintang pukang 2 hari x balik rumah ! ayah nak dekat buat tahlil baacaan yasin dah. nasib baik die reti balik ke pangkal jalan.

so citenye ialah babu akan wangi pade hari sabtu.. bulu die lembut gile taw ! macam...macam... macam carpet rumah aku. (*_*)

Friday, April 29, 2011

fairy tales are not so "fairy" after all

 snow white and cinderella. we might be from different tales but we have one distinct thing in common.- we both show our kain dalam all the time.(see the pic above?)
just to clarify in case you dont know what im writing about, cinderella refer to athirah shah while snow white refer to me.
we first came out with this  fairy tales idea when one day, during i was lecturing to my roommates about my dark skin after another basketball training, (i practice basketball everyday during the time since the competition was coming. BIG-TIME) sarcastically athirah pointed to me,

'husna, awak x gelap langsung, macam snow white adelah.' 

mase tu sumpah muke aku macam buntut kuali die kate mcm snow white?? then i shoot back, 

'athirah, awak jgn lah perli saye. kalau macam tu awak ni raaajin sangat mcm cinderalla'

at that time athirah ni sangat suke tidor. sleepaholic. in order for my other roommate to not feeling left-out, i went like,

'hah, izzati x pernah simpan rambut pnjg so kite pggil die rapunzel lah. okay x ?'

then we argue a lil bit about how to pronounce rapunzel correctly and stick with our new nick name. until one day,(long story) rapunzel was being kicked out from our kingdom(room) so live cinderella + snow white happily ever after.

then i became closer and closer with cinder. we eat together,went to kuliah together, hangout, i get to know her life and vise versa, she celebrate my birthday, i gave her presents, and blaa..bla..blaa..
and recently she brought me to her home in kl and i get to know her family better which is wonderful, happy and...kecoh.

i cant describe her by words since she is totally amazing in many ways and i can't read her action sometimes. but as far as i know, she knows how to keep me smiling and happier day by day. i learn a lot from her and there's no way i can thank her for what she had did to me. it's beyond everything.

before i conclude my conclusion,

psst, she's still single and totally for those guys who is ;
1. handsome
2. tall
3. beriman
6. doesn't like politics
7. penyabar
8. lives in a villa
9. open minded
10. loyal
any questions or problem kindly solve it yourself.

from husna with love. 
i'm so grateful to know you, cinder (:

Thursday, April 28, 2011


hari ni nak complain about skype.
and tv jugak.
i learnt ( in a hard way ) that all programs apply some kind of...discrimination towards all the the viewers !
as you can see in Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres show, as you all know they use skype like, all the time. the lying part if when their skype run smoothly without any bloody interruption like stucked video or abrupt disconnection and  other stuff like that. it's DISCRIMINATION !
you know it's like, you are chatting and talking cheerily with your best friend and suddenly the video froze and after that all you know is you're actually talking to yourself all the time. it's a bad feeling. well, i feel a bit embarrassed with myself.

i know it's all depends on your internet connection all that stuff but what the hell are you thinking?! im not living in some deep shit hole or something. my internet line is pretty smooth. you may say im a denier but the truth is, i feel like saman-ing oprah right now. i mean, im a big fan of her, for sure, and ellen too, but it's not fair ! still not fair! i don't care whatever the reason is.  (im not a denier)

pee ass: to oprah, in case you or your people read this which im pretty sure it won't happen,  but im still hoping its gonna happen (im a hopeless hope-er), please dont get mad. huha. im still your kipas susah mati and i love it when you use your skype.(sengal punye ayat). and i love it more when you can do a lots of charity just by using skype.
world nowadays is unbelievably awesome where people can make charity and make other people happy by just poking your face into skype. (super -rich -famous people only i bet)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


i don't really think about posting anything today.
just wanted to say.. 'hai bloggie, hv a nice day.'

okay bye.

who the f**k do you think you are?

well, im quite sure YOU StaLK into my blog dont you? i've checked the stats..well 24 page views from egypt!  well.. you know who you are. this song is totally for you ! SMACK ! HAHA!
im sorry if i hurt you, but it is always you who wanted to let go of me ? let me go then. i'll survive.easy.
i remember well when you say "BACK OFF ! *&^!@&#^!eq&!@8471" you cursed a asked me to never talk to you again remember?
so here i am. free from you. i do fell kinda sad. so sad in fact. but i feel stronger and stronger each time i think about it.
daaa.. i dont want to talk bout this anymore.
i still love you. i do. but i just feel used and i hate it being kicked around by you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i do i do i do do do do..

well, lovin' it !

babu ku, boyfriend ku

oh, babu, jantan pertama yang berjaye amek hati aku.
babu ni memang hensem lah !
ayah pon dah setuju. ayah kate "babu ni jelah satu2 nye anak jantan ayah" ( adik beradik kitorg sume pompuan)
first time babu dtg rumah time tu aku terus terpikat lah. cinte pandang first bak kate org.
badan tuff, suare macho. pompuan mne x terpikat. lg satu babu ni mmg pndai mengayat. bertanggungjawab pon ye jugak
pagi2 die lah kejut aku bgn subuh. die x kan pegi slagi aku x bgn.
mamanan feveret die ikan tuna. sbb tu lah die tuff kot. byk omega 3. hehe

aku ade gak amek gmba die.

babu ni mmg mesre ngn anak dare. gatal jugak lah.
mase mule2 die dtg, aku igt babu ni gay. yelah, dok berkepit je ngn kucing jntn jiran aku. main same2, makan same2, gaduh2, gurau2, bermiaw-miawan di bawah sinaran bulan ketika angin sepoi2 bahase melayu.
kekasih aku ni suke sgt kotak or bakul. kalau nmpak je kotak kosong msti die lompat masuk lah. pastu die suke jari jugak. kalo bagi jari die ske lah gigit2. die kate rangup lemak berkrim, terbaik dari ladang.
babu jugak athlete antarabangse ping pong. pantang dengar bunyi bola ping pong, girlfriend die pon die snggup ceraikan talak 3.
tp babu benci plastik. go green lah katekan.( mcm tuan die jugak )
kalau die dpt plastik habis die cakar n cerai beraikan plastik tu. kadang2 aku tgok dah macam obor2 lunyai je plastik tu. ape dose plastik aku pon x taw.

walaupon babu ni mcm gile je, tp die slalu gak blagak macho. slalu kalau org pggil die toleh skali je, pastu die men jln mcm tu je, or jilat bulu, or duduk bertempek je atas lntai. mmg mcm garfield.
walau pon tough, babu gemok jugak. asyik makan je. nk makan high standard lak tu. makan western food (whiskas)

boyfriend aku ni dlm mase yg same still beriman. die suke kalau org sujud. mesti die dtg ngendeng2 kepale. die mmg suke ngendeng2 kat kepale org. ayah pernah jugak marah babu.."HEI BABU ! APE KACAU ANAK DARE ORG JE NI ! NAK KENE NI ! "
pastu babu pon  buat muke kesian die..


mcm tulah kisah boyfriend aku si babu..
kalau korang nak die jugak, pergi isi borang. limited edition. satu malam aku kire RM8000.

Monday, April 25, 2011


hari ni x best. aku rindu sesangat kat cinderella.
ntah nape hati ni sedih gile. maybe cos ktorg dah biase bersame kot. so bile die x de rase sedih semacam je. dah la duk dalam rumah ni sorang2. sunyi jek. memang feeling ah.
bukak radio tp radio pon dok pasang lagu sedih je. TT_TT
radio zaman sekarang memang memahami.

cinderella if read this i just want you to know that i miss you so badly.
wish we can meet again and do stuff together. well, you are different you know? as i always said to you, you are totally immatured but at the same time you can also be my STEPMOTHER.and i love it the way it is.
you are indescribably amazing and deep inside im praying that....can i marry your brother so that we can be family? hehe. kidding.


hai and assalamualaikum.
saya mmg seorang yang gila dan senget. sbb tu kawan2 pangil sernsengett.

saye ade kawan, name die cinderella. die x gile tp sbb die kawan dgn saye die pon ikut gile skali. 'craziness is contagious' ever heard of it b4? kesengetan otak saya apabila di measure mggunakan pemadam adalah 80degree. tp cinderella baru 19.21degree je sengetnye. awak jangan pikir bukan2. otak saye je yang senget, bukannye saye jalan kepale teleng ke hape. still can differentshit between goods and avils. (HELLooOo. saye dah akil baligh)
saye boleh gile dengan semue org kalau org tu gile jugak. orang gile kat tanjung rambutan pon okay jugak. yang kat tepi jalan pon okay.
ayah saye slalu cakap camni kalu jumpe org gile "hah tu angah lah tu yang tinggal kan die, sian die jadi gile sbb kne tinggal"
ayah ni.. karang saye kutip buat menantu ayah baru taw. hee.

ade bayak lagi gmbar kitorg menggile tp nnti takut awak yang bace ni pon gile skali. kesian korang penat je cikgu ajar subjek waras.(ini waras otak bukan waras dalam bahase jawa tu)

disebabkan saya gilakan kegilaan otak saya, saya pon buatlah wiki search about crazy. and the results are..

"Insanity, craziness or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns. Insanity may manifest as violations of societal norms, including becoming a danger to themselves and others, though not all such acts are considered insanity. In modern usage insanity is most commonly encountered as an informal unscientific term denoting mental instability, or in the narrow legal context of the insanity defense. In the medical profession the term is now avoided in favor of diagnoses of specific mental illness such as schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.[1] When discussing mental illness in general terms, "psychopathology" is considered a preferred descriptor.[2]
In English, the word "sane" derives from the Latin adjective sanus mea............"

memang bosan Gila so baik x yah bace.
jadi saye pon amek la keputusan nak define maksud gila sendiri.
lepas bukak kitab otak, saye came out with : crazy is cool stuff where most people rarely do and sometimes it can be a real pain to certain people who never learns how to enjoy their living by being just a lil bit more insane.
i came out with examples too:
eg; ask your mom to go for a date
     buy your dad a miniskirt
     dump you boyfriend
    visit your neighbor and wish them 'selamat hari raya' even though its christmas
     tell your parents you want to get married yesterday
    buy tomorrow's newspaper today..

there are so many things you can do to be crazy !
sometimes you cant just captured every crazy moments to post it on your blog, so just be crazy all the time ! that would help i bet. (:

so i thinks thats all for now.
goodluck being crazy fella !

psst..kalau jadi gila pon jangan lupe solat dan ingat Allah.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


im not showing off or something but to be honest i love to read a lot lot lotss. books is my passion and part of my life but to be honest, even though i love to read, *im not that clever you know. wink2.

these are books that i bought yesterday during the book fair:

humm. for the disney book, its for my youngest sister, athirah. she's in love with fairy world and princesses and handsome prince, live in a castle and also taylor swift.
so i think that book is kinda cool cause it's in 3D! my sister loves it so much that she ask for more books. she's not really grateful wasn't she? (:

i love cecelia ahern's books like, so fucking much ! i have the whole collection of her books and now im on my way to have all sophie kinsella, lindsey kerk, and also books from the author named john grisham.  

but even i like to read a lots, im not very good in writing. i mean im kinda great in writing english essay during examination but for blog,...i don't know. its like im kinda shy to share my thoughts. its rare for me to write it out loud. maybe i can just get used to it.

so long.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

the very the seronok !

huh, i just got back from kl...3 seconds ago. SANGAT SERONOK ! 
tak tahu nak cakap camane tapi mmg best lah. cadang g kl sebab nak g book fair je tp last2 melencong sane sini dari pagi sampai malam. syok lah. tgah malam siap k uptown lagik. thanks a bunch to ibu cinderella, makyang cinderella, farah cinderella, dady cinderella, and last but not least, firdaus lokman (prof. klon) cinderella. huh.

                                 *makan mmg best sampai boroi.

                                    * umm.........???................

                                * yumm, always save the best for the last.

                                      * cover senyum padahal sedih nak berpisah. ):

                                      *farah? ape awak buat kat blakang tu ?

                                    * ni muke jakun x penah sampai kl central

                                  * ibu cinderella yang..umm.. best gila

                                  * ade plak tumpang skodeng blakang makyang cinderella...

                                * ni muke mengemis kat kl sentral. haha. (gurau eh)

                                   * kuase mrsm bergabung ! haha.

 humm. gambar mmg x byk sbb bz sgt jalan2. bile last2 baru nk sibuk ameh gmba. muke pon setonyeh je. ehehe.
time nak berpisah dgn cinderella tahan je nak nangis *nanti x macho la.
sekarang baru rase nak meraung. HUWAAAA! rindu lahh!

x pe2. saye berjanji akan kerje spanjang cuti n turun kl lagi ! yeah ! *over je.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

bloggie dumb dumb

first2 skali aku nak korang taw yang aku ni mmg bongek la dalam coret-mencoret ni.
aku buat blog pon sebab suke tengok blog org lain yg best2.
there's a lot going on my mind tp aku x reti lah nak tulis. kalau bab cerite kat org ,memang aku num. 1. maybe sebab aku ni byk sangat cakap kot. *byk mengumpat pon ye jugak*

tp x kire aku nak tulis jugak ! YEAHHH!
aku mmg beginner lah dalam blog ni. dah berabad dah create blog tp dibiarkan tanpa didikan dan kasih sayang.yelah dah x de org org nak ajar ! 
korang mesti bosan je ek tgok blog aku. poyo semacam. bosan. lagu gambar hape pon tarak. dehh
aku tgah berusaha lah ni. cuti 4 bulan ni aku ngadap bende 4 segi ni je

.........................................*tngok, aku dah blur.aku mmg x reti nak bebel lah !

aku pon x taw ade org bace blog aku ke x. rasenye x de. xpe. bialah. yg penting aku nak tulis byk2.

saje je tunjuk buku ni. aku x bace pon. x jumpe lagik.
*im no dummy by the way

dah tu jelah. aku dah x taw nak tulis pe. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

sour cinder ):

hari ni cinderella sedih. saya yang buat. huu.
sorry ye awak. awak still cute dgn sour face awak tu.

ciderella ni rumet saye. satu-satunye rumet saye kat kmpk sbb yg lagi sorang (rapunzel) dah kena buang negara.
so macam rapat gile lah.
tp hari ni die merajuk sebab saya tak tolong die lipat kain. kene pujuk lah pulak.
okay lsh. tu je. saye ni memang membosan kan. sorry taw  athirah shah.

olive juice.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

so long, RAPUNZEL.

fairy godmother comes to the rescue ! without being chased out from the Far Far Away Kingdom, she leave by herself ! more space for us (:
im not being evil or black hearted but to be honest its a pleasant feeling. BLISS.

so now here live Cinderella and Snow White in the gigantic castle without any disturbance from the evil Rapunzel, - happily ever after.
so long rapunzel (: