Monday, April 25, 2011


hari ni x best. aku rindu sesangat kat cinderella.
ntah nape hati ni sedih gile. maybe cos ktorg dah biase bersame kot. so bile die x de rase sedih semacam je. dah la duk dalam rumah ni sorang2. sunyi jek. memang feeling ah.
bukak radio tp radio pon dok pasang lagu sedih je. TT_TT
radio zaman sekarang memang memahami.

cinderella if read this i just want you to know that i miss you so badly.
wish we can meet again and do stuff together. well, you are different you know? as i always said to you, you are totally immatured but at the same time you can also be my STEPMOTHER.and i love it the way it is.
you are indescribably amazing and deep inside im praying that....can i marry your brother so that we can be family? hehe. kidding.

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