Saturday, February 26, 2011

i have this tiny big problem with my patience.
i am so sorry to everyone especially to my mom and my very best friend athirah shah aka cinderella if i ever scold you guys. i know i did.

so i did a research regarding this tiny big problem. i google it and many things pops out in approximately 0.08sec.
after reading and reading and searching and experimenting all stuff, i give up. let's just say im not patiencer enuff to do all the those things that can control my anger.hey, maybe it's in the blood ! i cant change that.

guys, i can easily get mad yes i do but dont unfriend me please ! i still can control it is just there are certain things and PEOPLE that i cant stand.i shouldn't give examples here. i wont get angry if you just..lets say...kick me accidently.i just will kick you back harder, thats all. no need to worry right?

chicken goreng.

huh. lapar gilak. tak tahu kenape tapi hari ni mengidam nak kfc.

tapi x dapat lah pule.  ):
nak KFC....!!

x pelah husna, bukan rezeki awak.
esok jelah.
dah, pegi siapkan jotter book.