Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this is too much.


thats what i feel now right now.

examm.... !!!!$#%^!$&*%@&% adehh..

there are still a lot more to cover and revise. especially in math subject. i am hell dont know what is wrong with my math.

i think i suffer a syndrome called numbers syndrome.
but i know i have no choice. holding on is the only way to survive here in matriculation college.
want it or not i have to struggle till the very end to achieve 4 flat and get rich later in the future. dont make face when i say this. honestly, who on earth dont want to be a millionaire and spent money like they are only pieces of papershits.
humm. so i have to move on. take a very huge step towards success and get a flying colours result. I CAN DO IT. AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO DO IT NOW.amen.
so thats all i guess. i have to go and start digging into towers of books and calculators and papers in order to be someone in future time. but first, oh, im hungry. maybe i should grab something to eat and THEN i'll go to do study stuff.
ah, so what ?