Sunday, April 24, 2011


im not showing off or something but to be honest i love to read a lot lot lotss. books is my passion and part of my life but to be honest, even though i love to read, *im not that clever you know. wink2.

these are books that i bought yesterday during the book fair:

humm. for the disney book, its for my youngest sister, athirah. she's in love with fairy world and princesses and handsome prince, live in a castle and also taylor swift.
so i think that book is kinda cool cause it's in 3D! my sister loves it so much that she ask for more books. she's not really grateful wasn't she? (:

i love cecelia ahern's books like, so fucking much ! i have the whole collection of her books and now im on my way to have all sophie kinsella, lindsey kerk, and also books from the author named john grisham.  

but even i like to read a lots, im not very good in writing. i mean im kinda great in writing english essay during examination but for blog,...i don't know. its like im kinda shy to share my thoughts. its rare for me to write it out loud. maybe i can just get used to it.

so long.


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