Friday, April 29, 2011

fairy tales are not so "fairy" after all

 snow white and cinderella. we might be from different tales but we have one distinct thing in common.- we both show our kain dalam all the time.(see the pic above?)
just to clarify in case you dont know what im writing about, cinderella refer to athirah shah while snow white refer to me.
we first came out with this  fairy tales idea when one day, during i was lecturing to my roommates about my dark skin after another basketball training, (i practice basketball everyday during the time since the competition was coming. BIG-TIME) sarcastically athirah pointed to me,

'husna, awak x gelap langsung, macam snow white adelah.' 

mase tu sumpah muke aku macam buntut kuali die kate mcm snow white?? then i shoot back, 

'athirah, awak jgn lah perli saye. kalau macam tu awak ni raaajin sangat mcm cinderalla'

at that time athirah ni sangat suke tidor. sleepaholic. in order for my other roommate to not feeling left-out, i went like,

'hah, izzati x pernah simpan rambut pnjg so kite pggil die rapunzel lah. okay x ?'

then we argue a lil bit about how to pronounce rapunzel correctly and stick with our new nick name. until one day,(long story) rapunzel was being kicked out from our kingdom(room) so live cinderella + snow white happily ever after.

then i became closer and closer with cinder. we eat together,went to kuliah together, hangout, i get to know her life and vise versa, she celebrate my birthday, i gave her presents, and blaa..bla..blaa..
and recently she brought me to her home in kl and i get to know her family better which is wonderful, happy and...kecoh.

i cant describe her by words since she is totally amazing in many ways and i can't read her action sometimes. but as far as i know, she knows how to keep me smiling and happier day by day. i learn a lot from her and there's no way i can thank her for what she had did to me. it's beyond everything.

before i conclude my conclusion,

psst, she's still single and totally for those guys who is ;
1. handsome
2. tall
3. beriman
6. doesn't like politics
7. penyabar
8. lives in a villa
9. open minded
10. loyal
any questions or problem kindly solve it yourself.

from husna with love. 
i'm so grateful to know you, cinder (:

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