Thursday, May 5, 2011

s u d o o o k u

hai, my name is nurul sern and i am a sudokuholic.

'angah, cukup lah tu sudoku nye...meh tolong mak masak ni....' humm. ni ayat mak aku tiap2 hari suruh aku stop buat sudoku yang berfaedah tu. *sorry mak.
what to do..dah seronok sgt sudoku ni ! lagi susah lagi best. sudoku ni mencabar keperempuanan aku ! pantang ni. sudoku bukan setakat fill in the the blank je okay. the keseronokan is beyond others.

even my ex roommate, athirah shah, almost everyday membebel about my sudoku addiction. im so sorry awak. its damn hard to resist. one thing bad about me playing sudoku is because once i start with sudoku, i'll be in different dimension. you talk to me to me, scream to me, and even if you are naked in front of me, i dont give a damn. im sooooo into sudoku. i swear. 
but despite of just ONE disadvantage of sudoku, there lies a lot of benefits that you can gain from it. you can actually prevent yourself getting Alzheimer's during your old age. you know Alzheimer's can give everybody near you a hard time. a very good example is my nanny. she had stayed in my house for two days now but i can't stand it anymore. she kept asking the same thing over and over again every two minutes. she asked for pisang plastik in my house all the time (pisang is her fav). each time i had to tell her that the pisang is fake and she just nod make a sad face.suddenly become very great in acting. then after a few sec she asked again the same question regarding the same fake banana. and each time i have to say the same thing;

'mama, pisang tu plastik lah..'

there are many other examples of Alzheimer's syndrome but enuff with that. you can google about it yourself.
back to benefits of sudoku. sudoku will make you brain think faster in aspect of reasoning. for each sudoku that you did, thousands of neuron will be formed and connected to each other. your brain cell will increased in number. same also for crossword puzzle and word mole. eventually you will became a very fast learner especially in math if you practice sudoku continuously.
there are a lot more benefits of sudoku which you can search for yourself . if i wrote it here in my blog, you will get bored and think 'what are you? walking google?'
in short, you guys, whoever read this should really start doing sudoku all the time. even during your poo-poo time.

very useful during your sembelit moment. as they say, time is precious (:

i have sudoku application in my phone and i found it very useful. (:
but if you found out that this kind of sudoku is lame and oh-so-boring, try other type of sudoku. here is one of my suggestions;

nice wasn't it? and it is so damn hard to do. i loiike !

and as for my becoming birthday on october, (still far away but we must plan early, don't we?)  i have a very special request. i want this ;

can i? can i? can i?
and for this cake, no one can touch it until i solved the sudoku. im working on it in my mind right now.

so dah le tu.
happy sudoku-ing ! 

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