Monday, May 2, 2011

21 loves me.

this is my 21st post! wow. excited!

21 is sooo my number. i dont actually know why i love 21 in the first place but it happens to me that im addicted to this number. many guessed that i love this  number bcos it might be my birthday or my boyfriend's bday and sumting else related which i think, it is soo stupid stupid of them. when i told them i love 21 just because i simply love it, they make "that" it consider as criminal to love something or some 'number' without any reason?  for god's sake, why must they care?
but as time drifting away, i realize that number 21 DOES mean something to me.

its like, my charm. my BAD LUCK charm.

i started to notice thet, during most examinations that i'd took, im stuck at question number 21! selalunye mesti bantai je lah.
another bad thing about 21 is that kene mengundi mase umur 21. gila. cant wait to turn 21. might be my bad year. who knows?
then lagi satu, every month, on 21st, i'll have a rough day. i know its ridiculous to trust this 'charm' thing. well im just telling you my story. up to you whether you want to take it all in or just swept it like that. i have my own stand and you have yours.

but despite of all those bad luck thingy, there are something sweet obout 21.
on 19th october 2009, which was my 17th birthday, my classmate do a surprise party for me! well, not exactly a party but yeah, there were cake and singing birthday song and stuff. what is it have to do with 21? oh, they celebrate it when the clock shows 21:21
that's so sweet and thoughtful i almost cry. (cake secret recipe kot) hehe.

so short story, every one near me, even though they don't know me by name, they will surely know that i love 21.(i wrote 21 at almost everything like books, pencil case, my hands and i wrote it BIG) let them speculate anything that they want about that number and me, but one thing for sure,

I LOVE 21. and 21 loves me too (:

 don't worry cinderella, i love you more.


  1. i'm the one that celebrate ur bday kan? 21.21 pm. gila. kite celebrate kat mana eh ? ingat tak?

  2. yep.ko lah yg celebr8! hehe. kat depan koop.

  3. Thanks dear, I love you more.

    I love this post most among the others.
    You split out your heart about this and share with us. Thanks (: