Sunday, May 22, 2011

'negative-minded' people; i make this for you

 Allah had created so many things, so many events, so many chances, so many beautiful feelings, and just so little hatred in our hearts. still, why certain people are still acting so negative towards life? are they not blessed? sure they are. even the most poorest human in this world is actually blessed by Allah. this world is created so beautiful in so many ways. it depends on us to look at it in which way either in beautiful way or vice versa.

this post is for negative people.

you know you will never get blessed, or satisfied, or happy when all the negatives thingy is going on your mind all the time. you kept thinking about what the worst can happen and never thought about the bright side. yes, i know we must be prepared to meet the worst but there is one word that can change everything. 
don't you believe in hope? then you don't believe that God is exist and will always take care of us. for the denier, if you read this now im sure you will deny it don't you? you will give excuses like, 'take a precaution steps','early planning', bla bla bla... why don't you just BELIEVE than everything will end up just fine?
here's how:
first, stop thinking about what will happen. can't you just enjoy the moment you had? what's gonna happen will happen no matter what. so why bother stressing yourself thinking bout it 24-7. dehh.
you see i won't give a shit about writing this in my blog if these 'negative-kind of people' just stress themselves out and let others in peace. but problem is, THEY DID EFFECT PEOPLE AROUND THEM. haiyya, what laa...

point is, just BELIEVE that there is HOPE in any obstacle that you're facing. then this world will be a better place for everybody.

yesterday is history
tomorrow is mystery
today is a gift. that's why it is called the PRESENT.

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