Saturday, February 26, 2011

i have this tiny big problem with my patience.
i am so sorry to everyone especially to my mom and my very best friend athirah shah aka cinderella if i ever scold you guys. i know i did.

so i did a research regarding this tiny big problem. i google it and many things pops out in approximately 0.08sec.
after reading and reading and searching and experimenting all stuff, i give up. let's just say im not patiencer enuff to do all the those things that can control my anger.hey, maybe it's in the blood ! i cant change that.

guys, i can easily get mad yes i do but dont unfriend me please ! i still can control it is just there are certain things and PEOPLE that i cant stand.i shouldn't give examples here. i wont get angry if you just..lets say...kick me accidently.i just will kick you back harder, thats all. no need to worry right?

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